EziTite® Hydraulic Clamp Nuts


EziTite® Hydraulic Clamp Nuts are the modern, safe and efficient way to ensure precise tool clamping. EziTite® Hydraulic Clamp Nuts replace conventional torque-loaded threaded nuts to make shaft tensioning a simple, efficient and safe hydraulically assisted operation. They are also widely used to set large shaft bearings.

They are manufactured in a wide range of sizes to suit applications throughout many industries. EziTite® Hydraulic Clamp Nuts are made in a standard range to suit thread sizes from 50mm to 300mm and other sizes by request.

Features of using EziTite Hydraulic Clamp Nuts:

  • Vastly reduces downtime and maintenance problems.
  • Improves productivity.
  • Is user friendly, fast and easy to fit.
  • Greatly enhances tool life.
  • Repeatable accuracy of the tensioning operation reduces product variation.
  • Achieves faster throughput without compromising product quality.
  • Minimises risk of personal injury and collateral damage to capital equipment during blade and tool changes.
  • Threaded locking collar counteracts loosening forces of impact on rotating shafts.

How it works:

The EziTite® assembly is screwed by hand onto the bolt until the base is tight against the working face. Hydraulic pressure is then applied through the nipple fitting on top of the nut body into the sealed chamber, forcing the piston and the nut body apart, thus stretching and tensioning the bolt through the joint.

The threaded lockring , mounted on the nut body, is then screwed against the abutting face to retain the induced load tension in the bolt. The pressure is then simply released and the hydraulic coupling removed from the nipple fitting, to complete the operation.

Examples of Applications
  • Metal slitting mills
  • Coil Rewinders
  • Marine propeller shafts
  • Sugar milling equipment
  • Manufacturing machinery such as punches and presses
  • Steel rolling mills
  • Bearing setting and removal

Data sheet
For more information please click here to view the EziTite Hydraulic Clamp Nut Brochure