FastaJac +


Use of Technofast FastaJac saves production, labour and maintenance costs for manufacturers of plate heat exchangers.

The use of a lightweight hollow cylinder jack in conjunction with the patented Tri Nut allows the compression of plates to be carried out evenly, squarely and efficiently. hydraulic cylinders simultaneously compress the plates.

The TriNut is designed to fit over the major diameter of the thread until it engages into it spherical seat. This closes the nut onto the thread and the nut is screwed home as normal. This facilitates speedy fitting and removal of the tools removing the need for running down the nuts over the full length of the thread.

The Fastajac is placed over the stud to be tensioned. The Tri-nut is then run down the length of the shaft in the open position until it engaged the Fastajac.

The Fastajac is then pressurised to the required load once this is done the Fastajac can be removed quickly and easily by releasing the pressure, opening the trinut and removing the complete tool from the stud.

Industry Application

Applications include:
Heat Exchangers

Cable tensioning

Bridge Construction

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