CTX Explosives Detection +
Options and Accessories

Multiplexing Network (MUX)

MUXv1 and MUXv2

The MUX network connects multiple CTX 9800, 9400 and 9000 DSi systems and multiple CTX Operator Workstations into a single network. The MUX network removes the traditional one-to-one relationship between a CTX system and an operator, so that screeners can perform On-Screen Threat Resolution at any Threat Resolution Interface (TRI) viewing station. This can add efficiency and cost savings to baggage screening operations by optimizing the use of screeners in a centralized screening environment. Each MUX network includes a Control Interface (CI) computer, which allows single-point access to all the control, configuration, and monitoring functions for each system in the network.  

MUXv1 is capable of networking CTX 9400 and CTX 9000 series scanners, while MUXv2 networks the recently released CTX 9800. The ability for MUXv2 to network the entire CTX 9x00 (9800,9400,9000) series line will be available shortly.

Standard Features

Potentially lower cost of ownership through optimal staffing of screeners at a central screening location

Centralized control of critical fault recovery process and machine configurations

Screener function can be limited to alarm resolution

Can simplify training and shorten learning curve

Can increase screener productivity

Easily scalable architecture can meet site growth requirements

Can vastly improved working environment for critical security personnel