CTX Explosives Detection +
CTX 9400 DSi Explosives Detection System

Top-of-the Line System

The CTX 9400 DSi system represents outstanding performance in TSA-certified explosives detection system (EDS) technology. Designed from the ground up for integrated airport installations, its 1-meter wide tunnel and conveyor coordinates with airport baggage handling systems and requires minimal space for built-in installation. The CTX 9400 DSi system’s False Alarm Rates (FAR), 1-meter conveyer belt and tunnel, and networking capabilities help maximize system efficiency. These combined attributes provide customers the ability to achieve high levels of operational throughput and can maximize the overall cost of ownership.

The CTX 9400 DSi system uses core technology derived from medical Computed Tomography (CT). As the conveyor moves each bag through the machine, the system creates a scan projection X-ray image. Using sophisticated computer algorithms, the CTX 9400 DSi system analyzes these images and compares their CT properties with those of known explosives. If a match is found, the system alarms and displays the object on the screen. The operator views the high-resolution screen image to determine whether a real threat exists and then follows established protocols for threat resolution.

The CTX 9400 DSi system presents customers two opportunities to increase their EDS operational capabilities. The existing CTX 9000 DSi system can be upgraded to a CTX 9400 DSi. The second option from GE is the CTX 9400 DSi system, a new high performance unit.

Standard Features

TSA-certified explosive detection system

Advanced user interface

BHS integration

 Industry-standard meter-wide conveyer belt

Multiplexing capability

Reduction in false alarms

Comprehensive services and support available