CTX Explosives Detection +
CTX 9800 DSi Explosives Detection System

Revolutionary EDS

Morpho Detection’s CTX 9800 DSi™ represents the latest evolution in CTX explosives detection system (EDS) technology. The CTX 9800 DSi introduces a new Data Acquisition System (DAS) that delivers unprecedented high-resolution 3D images. This unique high-resolution imaging engine, called Clarity, represents the culmination of Morpho Detection’s years of aviation security experience around the world combined with GE Healthcare’s leading-edge imaging technology.

The CTX 9800 DSi joins the CTX 9000 DSi™ and CTX 9400 DSi™ in providing aviation security solutions relied upon by airports throughout the world. The imaging advances offered by the Clarity DAS place the CTX 9800 DSi at the forefront of TSA-certified, constant width 1-meter conveyor belt and tunnel EDS solutions. MDI’s history supporting these systems in demanding airport environments demonstrates the superior operational efficiency and detection capabilities of the CTX family.

Providing significant improvements in throughput capacity, the CTX 9800 DSi offers advanced-throughput performance with a path to continued detection and technological innovations to meet future security and operational requirements.



Unprecedented high-resolution 3D images through MDI’s Clarity Data Acquisition System (DAS)

Constant-width 1-meter conveyor belt and tunnel

Intuitive and simplified user interface

Dynamic screening capable of automatic bag-by-bag detection mode selection via the Baggage Handling
System (BHS)

Multiplexing solutions

Extensive support capability and experience