CTX Explosives Detection +
CTX 2500 Explosives Detection System

Designed for a wide variety of airport applications, MDI’s CTX product line offers TSA-certified detection for both standalone and baggage handling system-integrated, inline applications.

Designed for size-critical airport applications, the compact and economical CTX 2500 system is half the length of earlier CTX models. The CTX 2500 system boasts TSA-certified detection for standalone applications.

The CTX 2500 system utilizes a single rotating X-ray source to acquire positioning images and CT-slice images, thereby achieving its smaller size. Sophisticated computer algorithms compare the CT properties of potential threats against a database of known explosives or contraband. If a match is found, the system alarms and displays the object on the screen for the operator to view. Available image manipulation tools assist the operator in making quick decisions.

The CTX 2500 system is the first FAA-certified EDS to have selectable exit modes. After scanning, the bag can be ejected from either the front or rear of the machine. The front-end exit mode eliminates the exit slide, potentially saving valuable floor space.

Evolving from the knowledge gained from more than ten years of field operation, the CTX 2500 system incorporates practical and innovative features that meet the demand for a smaller, more versatile machine.

Morpho Detection, Inc. CTX products are protected by U.S. patents: 6,430,255; 5,182,764; 5,367,552, and D574706, as well as patents pending.

Standard Features

False alarm rate that exceeds industry standards

TSA-certified explosives detection system

 Advanced user interface

Dynamic screening

Compact design

Standalone or integrated configurations