Customised Torque Wrenches +

Where else can you find customised torque handles and attachments?

Every tool merchant in the world can supply you with a torque wrench, so can W. Christie, however we offer a service others don't.

Generally speaking torque handle attachments are limited to the integrity of the torque handle, common 16 mm and 22 mm spigots ends restrict the level of torque achievable to approximately 600 Nm - a low figure considering square drive torque wrenches work up to 3000Nm. Christies have overcome this problem by adapting industrial torque wrenches to perform as torque handles with all the benefits of interchangeable heads.

Christies have taken this idea one step further to increase the flexibility of all torque handles, our aim is to offer a plethora of fixing options to compliment a large range of standard open, ring and flared end sizes. Extended lengths, large across flats sizes and stilson head attachments are amongst the most popular.