W.Christie Industrial Ltd has over 50 years experience of supplying torque tools and equipment to a wide range of industries. Products include the RAD range of pneumatic, electric & electronic torque multipliers, together with an extensive choice of hydraulic and manual torque wrenches for all your bolt tightening and un-tightening applications.

Christie also adapt, engineer and manufacture bespoke torque tools to meet the precise requirements of individual bolting applications.

As well as the hire and sales of torque tools, Christies offer a torque wrench and torque multiplier repair & calibration service, training in the safe use of torque tools, and a bolt analysing service.

Each customer application is assessed by the Christie team of engineers to determine the most appropriate approach to solving your bolting problems.

For all your torque wrench & torque multiplier needs, Christies provide

Total Torque Solutions