EOD/IEDD Equipment +

The new comprehensive plate range from United Shield's management team have more than seventy five years combined experience and expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of EOD and IEDD equipment and programmes, and close relationships with all the leading manufacturers in the industry, making the Company uniquely well placed to satisfy customers requirements. We work closely with our customers to ensure that appropriate products to suit their budgets and requirements are specified and sourced, supplied, installed, and supported during their through life. At the heart of every EOD programme is a bomb suit. Product Range

United Shield is able to supply a comprehensive array of EOD and IEDD equipment. As one of the leading manufacturers in the world of personal ballistic and fragmentation protection products, its bomb suits, search suits, fragmentation shields, bomb blankets, body armour vests, hard armour plates, and fragmentation helmets offer exceptional quality, superior protection, and excellent value for money.

In addition United Shield is able to supply to its customers:-

EOD/IEDD Equipment ┬╗Detection equipment such as metal detectors, explosive detectors, digital x-ray scanners, endoscope search kits, mirror setsand non-magnetic mine prodders.

Disruption equipment such as water jet disruptors, recoilless disruptors, exploders, crimping tools and
firing cables.

Disposal equipment such as hook and line kits, IEDD tool kits, non magnetic tool kits, EOD tripods,
telescopic manipulators, bomb baskets and robots.

Accessories such as cooling suits, communications equipment, spares and consumables, night vision
equipment, cellular jammers and rapid response vehicles.

Services such as design, development and manufacture; comprehensive packages, project management,
training and after support.