Body Armour +

United Shield International
designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of market leading body armour products, which incorporate the latest high performance para aramid (Kevlar and Twaron), polyethylene and ceramic materials technology. Many of our staff have worked together for over twenty years, thus providing a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the body armour market, and of our customer's needs and requirements around the world. Protection, comfort and quality, backed up by excellent customer service, are the cornerstones of everything that we do.

Product Range

United Shield range of body armour products are sub divided into covert and overt vests. Our covert vests are widely used where discretion, excellent ballistic protection, freedom of movement and comfort are required for extended periods of time, and include the C10, C11 and C20 vests. The ballistic inserts are removable and the covers are easy to clean and maintain. Overt vests include the P10, T10, T45 and T50 series and are in service with police and law enforcement forces, tactical fire arms and SWAT teams, the military, private security companies, marine organisations and the like, and provide maximum protection in accordance to the threat assessment. In addition we offer special duty vests such as the ballistic flotation vest and the combat swimmers vest for water borne operations. While we have a large standard product range, our experienced design team will develop bespoke solutions to satisfy customer's specific requirements.

Armour Solutions

A wide variety of soft and hard armour solutions are offered, including US NIJ Standard Levels II, IIIA, III and IV, as well as many European National Standards. Many of our soft body armour vests are designed to be worn with hard armour plates to provide added flexibility and increased protection levels for users.