Use Meets Bite

The new WEBER - HYDRAULIC Spreader with Optimised tip Design for even more bite in all situations

The new WEBER-HYDRAULIK spreader offers out- standing performance due to the new improved tip design, with increased spreader surface which has been developed following extensive user feedback. In addition a new hardened wear resistant imprint on the inner and outer arms, ensures even greater bite and grip further preventing slip and movement during spreading operations. A peeling section integrated in the tip design combined with a compact construction due to folding handles, ensures the new generation of spreaders can be operated in previously unachievable locations.

The anodised gold coating gives the surface an anti wear finish ensuring that all WEBER rescue tools are perfectly suited to the demanding RTC environment.

Like all WEBER-HYDRAULIK Rescue Equipment the spreaders are equipped with the unique Weber push button control, giving safe, sensitive and precise operation in all conditions.