Passion meets dynamics

The new generation of WEBER - HYDRAULIC power units with even more capacity for dynamic working.

The new WEBER - HYDRAULIC power units which are optimally designed for the simultaneous operation of your first strike tools. The tank volume is measured in such a way that even after the deployment of several rescue cylinders (e.g. RZ 1, RZ 2 and RZ 3) the work with the rescue cutter or the rescue spreader is still possible. In addition to offering simultaneous operation of your two first strike tool, this power unit has the unique option of double speed “Turbo” operation of your chosen tool.

This high oil flow function not only gives greater speed it provides even more dynamics and tool momentum, e.g., when cutting. Complete with 2 x 20 metre hose assemblies (1 x red, 1 x yellow) on frame mounted hose reels, this unit offers flexible and free range of operation. The reels are fitted with rewind handle and automatic brake which prevents unintended rolling out of hydraulic hose. The complete unit is fitted with two large lift up handles, which ensures the complete system can be transported with ease.